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Alltech InTouch connects livestock feeding

Case Study | October 2018


Vodafone adds the final piece to Alltech InTouch, the world-class animal nutrition service

Business Need

With a dedicated team of on farm nutritionists, supported by a number of InTouch satellite hubs spread across the globe; Alltech and KEENAN have the power to deliver expert nutritional solutions, enabling farmers to overcome modern production challenges in the most sustainable and profitable way. An exclusive agreement was already in place between KEENAN and Vodafone for the supply of IoT connectivity for KEENAN’s worldwide fleet of mixer wagons implemented with the InTouch system. The role of InTouch now serves greater responsibility in driving insights and influencing decision making in a wider number of distribution markets. 


The Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform allows multiple devices to share information without the need for human intervention. Vodafone is now facilitating unprecedented levels of data analysis and control of the performance of dairy and beef herds for Alltech and KEENAN customers, enabling precise fine tuning in decision making and herd management, drawing on the largest feed efficiency database in the world. Verified results from more than 1,000 herds in the UK and France showed that utilising the InTouch system increased feed efficiency by 10%, while milk yields increased by 1.75kg per cow per day.

 Business Benefits

  • Milk production increases of up to 1.75kg per cow per day are achieved through a more consistent ration being delivered to the animals

  • Ability to collate and analyse large amounts of real-time information and farm data to allow for proactive decision and effective farm managements

  • Increased demand for KEENAN equipment and InTouch support services as farmers globally discover the positive impacts on milk and beef output and animal health


Farming is a risky business with many factors out of the farmer’s control, from the weather to the volatile prices paid for milk and beef. The addition of Vodafone IoT technology has further improved the quality of our service and the results are being enjoyed by farmers and consumers alike.

Conan Condon, Technical Director, Alltech InTouch

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