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Ubitricity opens up new avenues in electric mobility using Vodafone IoT

Case Study

Case Studies | May 2015

Ubiquitous electricity. That’s the idea behind this Berlin-based energy company — to make electric mobility more efficient and affordable for electric car owners.


Business Need

Electricity is available almost everywhere but it is not given away for free in most places. What is missing is an economical solution for accessing the power supply and billing for the energy consumed.


Ubitricity operates a virtual grid, and has developed a billing platform and smart network as part of the package it provides. Vodafone has worked with Ubitricity to develop this innovative solution, using its Managed IoT Connectivity Platform. A Vodafone Global SIM card is permanently installed in the intelligent charging cables. It communicates with the Ubitricity back- end via the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform and controls the activation and billing of the respective charging process.

For the implementation of the innovative Ubitricity concept, Vodafone individually adapted the IoT platform to the requirements of intelligent charging management to the Ubitricity billing system. The international availability of the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform allows Ubitricity to offer and operate its solution not only in Germany but also abroad – which in turn is an important prerequisite for the acceptance of such a mobility concept.


  • The intelligent Ubitricity solution offers charging-point providers savings of up to 90 percent both in terms of acquisition and ongoing operating cost.
  • Powerful, reliable and flexible IoT platform
  • Individual adaptation of the platform to the requirements of the intelligent charging solution for electric cars has been realised.
  • International availability and Worldwide network coverage
"The flexible and powerful IoT platform of Vodafone is a central component of our solution and our business model in Germany."

Knut Hechtfischer,
CEO and co-founder, Ubitricity

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