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SystemOne connects healthcare data

Case Studies | May 2018


SystemOne relies on Vodafone IoT to manage the flow of healthcare data in developing countries

Business Need

Healthcare in the developing world is not only a diagnosis and treatment issue, but also a supply chain problem. How do healthcare providers get the right testing equipment, medicines and expertise to the right place, at the right time? And how does the diagnostic data get where it needs to go?

The SystemOne solution enables diagnostic data from remote clinics to be shared more quickly with frontline doctors, meaning patients receive the right medication quicker. To work, the solution needed reliable connectivity to transmit data from remote locations in developing countries.


The Vodafone service sees SystemOne diagnostic devices connected via a MachineLink 3G+ router and a Vodafone Global SIM, allowing devices to connect to the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform wherever the devices are located. The Vodafone Platform allows SystemOne to manage all connections from a single platform, establishes a single contract with price transparency, and ensures robust connectivity.

In some instances, switching to the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform has reduced the test/diagnose/treatment cycle from two months to just three days: removing the need for paperwork and motorcycle couriers, even in the remotest locations.

Business Benefits

  • Delivers critical diagnostic data for TB, HIV, Ebola, and other diseases
  • Monitors and responds to disease outbreaks through real-time alerts from medical diagnostic devices
  • With the service provided by Vodafone IoT, SystemOne can manage fleets of devices, allowing in-country administrators to understand warranties, laboratory conditions, and more
  • Helps medical device makers ‘turn the lights on’ to their fleets of devices, understanding functionality, usage, performance, consumption, and more
“With Vodafone’s IoT technology and hardware, we can provide medical facilities with consistently reliable accessibility, ensuring clinicians can collect the data they need to make decisions that help save lives.”
Chris Macek, Founder & CEO, SystemOne

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