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A connected solution to fight noise pollution

Embedding Vodafone IoT connectivity into Sonitus Systems’ sensors, our joint solution enables customers to create a more harmonious environment

Business need

Frequent exposure to high noise levels can negatively affect one’s health, impact heart rhythm, blood pressure and sleep patterns, and even causing possible birth defects.  Manufacturers, urban planners, builders, demolition specialists, city councils and infrastructure managers concerned about the workers’, the citizens’ or their own health, are in need of an up-to-date noise monitoring, management and control system.

Irish company Sonitus Systems provides automated sound level monitoring solutions.  The solution provides a constant stream of data that enables customers to manage noise levels.  Key to the solution is consistent, seamless, reliable connectivity as the monitor needs to be constantly connected to transmit meaningful data in real-time.

Finding the right connectivity partner for all this proved to be challenging, particularly when the company began expanding overseas. Sonitus Systems needed a single mobile operator with global reach and local presence and a backbone infrastructure owned by the provider itself.


 Sonitus Systems embedded Vodafone’s IoT connectivity into their EM2030 sensor, with a Vodafone USB modem with a connection to the company’s cloud-based software systems. The solution delivers the required control, global reach and transparent pricing.

The solution needed to be as seamless as possible, regardless of location. Now they can test every device in their Dublin headquarters, and ship worldwide, where customers can simply plug-and-play and real-time information on noise levels transmits to Sonitus Systems’ online management portal. A customer-facing analysis and reporting system allows users to check noise levels around the clock, and create automatic notifications if those exceed legal limits.

From its Irish base, the company operates across Europe and the USA, and has recently launched a project in Chile. It now has 1300 installations in ten countries, and is continues to grow.

Business benefits

  • The solution enables manufacturers, urban planners, builders and city councils to detect when noise levels are approaching dangerous levels to protect the health of their workers
  • Global reach and consistent pricing simplify expansion into new markets
  • Provides flexibility to develop new data collection features, including air quality monitoring
“Vodafone was the only company that could ship anywhere in the world. Plus, the Vodafone equipment is already certified in every market in which we operate.” Paul McDonald, CEO, Sonitus Systems

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