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Fighting diabetes in real-time

Case Study | October 2018


Smart Meter seeks to disrupt $10 billion blood glucose market, with Vodafone IoT.

Business Need

Diabetes is a global epidemic. Over 475 million people have diabetes worldwide, a figure expected to rise to 642 million by 2040. Smart Meter is an innovator in diabetes management systems. It wants to make technology an enabler, not a barrier, to better patient outcomes. iGlucose® is its response.

The iGlucose Cellular Diabetes Management Solution sends data to management care portals for the patient and their healthcare teams’ review. In the portals, the person with diabetes and their designated circle of care can access customised trend reports and digital logbooks that are automatically updated after every new test. For iGlucose to work effectively the solution needs a reliable, unobtrusive cellular connection. Patients’ data needs to be sent immediately and seamlessly to the web platform. For Smart Meter, the solution needs to be global and scalable.


iGlucose is connected via the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform, anywhere in the world, enabling users to enjoy a simple out-of-the-box experience. The iGlucose platform also creates a cycle of informed health. Its simplicity encourages testing and the consistent sharing of data. Doctors will be better able to monitor patients remotely, with less need for face-to-face visits, meaning more efficient use of the patient’s and clinician’s time. Others offering diabetes management support tools like insulin dosing or weight management can leverage iGlucose to enhance their product offerings with a steady real-time flow of data. Developing a global database of treatments, testing and patient progress will feedback into improved diagnosis, prevention and care.

The iGlucose platform received FDA clearance and its CE Mark in Spring 2017. The commercial roll-out has started, with an initial focus on the USA. The company is also seeking distributors in Europe, Asia and the Middle East to manage sales and future expansions. The Vodafone global network means Smart Meter can provide these services around the world with confidence and without being distracted with the task of country-by-country integration.

Business Benefits

  • Simplifies management of devices with global cellular connectivity
  • Ensures consistent pricing and connectivity worldwide
  • Provides the means to manage rapid roll-out


“Vodafone listened to our needs, provided a customised solution to fit our requirements, and offered the expertise and ability to give us seamless global accessibility, all making our decision to partner with Vodafone an easy one.”

Cliff McIntosh, CEO, Smart Meter

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