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Siren Marine provides stress-free, secure boating

Case Study | September 2018

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Siren Marine relies on the Vodafone IoT platform to bring peace of mind to boat owners

Business Need

Siren Marine is a marine technology solutions provider with hopes that its pioneering MTC solution will mark the age of the ‘connected boat’. The solution is a remote monitoring device that connects to existing sensors on boats such as float switches. Once connected, the MTC device monitors, tracks and secures the boat, with owners able to access real-time data from anywhere in the world.

Siren Marine plans to be global, and for that to happen it needs a global connectivity solution. It wants transparency on roaming charges, and a platform that simplifies the management of each device.


The Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform establishes a self-service delivery and management tool. It enables Siren Marine to install global managed connectivity into every MTC device, with the means to activate or update remotely. It allows Siren Marine to offer customers a fixed monthly cost, with the ability to upgrade as required.

The MTC device allows users to monitor information such as battery status, temperature, anchor drag and position monitoring with geofence tracking. Siren Marine can send instant alerts in the case of events such as unauthorised entry of a vessel, tampering with the engine or water leakage into the boat’s bilge. Users can also remotely control onboard accessories, including spreader lights, remote battery switches, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and manual bilge pumps, through Siren Marine’s app or via text message.

Business Benefits

  • Simplifies management of connectivity, with a clear technology roadmap
  • Ensures consistent pricing and connectivity worldwide, supporting expansion from the USA to Australia and Europe
  • Provides the means to manage rapid roll-out, with plans to scale from 3,000 to 80,000 devices between 2018 and 2023
 “With Vodafone’s global IoT capabilities and expertise in the IoT space, we are able to build on our offering, providing our customers with an even more reliable service for the best possible boating experience.Daniel A. Harper, Founder and CEO, Siren Marine

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