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Schmalkalden Stadtreinigung GmbH-H

Schmalkalden Stadtreinigung captures driver data in real-time

Case Studies | May 2018

Schmalkalden Stadtreinigung_logo.png

Schmalkalden Stadtreinigung installs telematics devices to monitor drivers’ activity and rest periods, with Vodafone IoT.

Business Need

Schmalkalden Stadtreinigung GmbH (SSR) provides waste management for the German district of Schmalkalden-Meiningen. To carry out its work, it operates an extensive fleet of collection vehicles, road sweepers, suction and flushing vehicles and other specialised technology. By law it must provide accurate evidence and reliable documentation and archiving of drivers’ driving and rest periods. For several years, it had been using a digital tachograph solution but it was looking for a more modern and efficient way to comply with these requirements.


Schmalkalden Stadtreinigung’s service provider DAKO GmbH designed a customised solution concept based on a telematics device with GPS tracking and integrated Vodafone IoT SIMs installed in the vehicles. The device is not much larger than a standard smartphone, yet the commercial vehicle’s databus gives it access to a variety of parameters, such as diesel level, mileage and service interval, as well as vehicle location and speed. The driver signs into the system using a chip card at the start of the journey and signs out again at the end of the journey. The data is immediately available to the DAKO-operated logistics platform via Vodafone’s mobile network. This, in turn, is connected to the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform, making it easy to assign SIMs and telematics devices to individual vehicles for example.

Business Benefits

  • High-performing, flexible IoT platform
  • International availability provided by global IoT SIMs
  • The Vodafone IoT platform allows straightforward administration
  • Integration of the Vodafone IoT platform into the telematics platform operated by DAKO
  • Very good network coverage
  • Comprehensive service and support
“In DAKO and Vodafone we have found specialist partners with a solution that makes Schmalkalden Stadtreinigung fit for the future. We work together on a level playing field and are very happy with the collaborative solution that has been implemented.”
Torsten Jahns, Managing Director, Schmalkalden Stadtreinigung GmbH

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