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Project Surya builds a compelling case for domestic carbon reduction with Vodafone M2M

Case Study

Case Study | June 2015

Project Surya aims to mitigate the regional impacts of global warming by immediately and demonstrably reducing atmospheric concentrations of black carbon, methane, and ozone. The project focus is on replacing biomass burning inefficient cook stoves traditionally employed in rural areas, with clean-cooking technologies.


Project Surya is an international partnership between the University of California at San Diego (UCSD), The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) New Delhi, and Nexleaf Analytics - Los Angeles. Project Surya’s latest initiative, the Climate Credit Pilot Project (C2P2), launched by Leslie and Mac McQuown, plans to distribute clean cooking stoves to 5,000 households in rural India and reduce the cost of these clean cook stoves for families by incentivising usage-based financing. Supported by Vodafone’s M2M managed connectivity solution, Project Surya is able to remotely collect stove usage data using Nexleaf’s smartphone based application, StoveTrace. This was developed by Nexleaf Analytics with support from The Qualcomm® Wireless Reach™ initiative.

Business Need

Project Surya needed to ensure cost effective data connectivity from rural locations within India to provide key project data, as well as the means to manage devices from a single platform and the ability to scale quickly.


Vodafone offered reliable coverage in the state of Uttar Pradesh, a key area of focus for the project, and was able to create a viable commercial case. Working together with TERI and Nexleaf Analytics, the solution developed by Vodafone allows Project Surya to remotely collect data from Nexleaf’s smartphone based StoveTrace sensor through the data network, including 3G, with the SIMs managed centrally.

Business Benefits

  • Ensures connectivity in even the most remote of rural locations
  • Allows Project Surya to roll-out the project at its own pace, with SIMs managed centrally
  • Establishes a strategic partnership with global specialist in data, connectivity and hardware
  • SIMs are priced at a level to make roll-out commercially viable
We know with Vodafone we have a global partner capable of working with us anywhere in the world.

Omkar Patange, Associate Fellow, TERI
Tara Ramanathan, Project Manager, Nexleaf Analytics

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