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Perfecting Customer Care Excellence

Delivering operational efficiencies via experienced consultancy services

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After an incredibly successful growth in 2014, a tobacco company realised that their financial growth brought along numerous challenges. The corporation recognised that the customer service was facing an alarming number of difficulties. Vodafone was able to put together an agile consulting team who succeeded in making improvements to the work environment.


The Vodafone consultants conducted an extensive review, which focused on the overall business objectives. With the help of their internal research, the Vodafone Consulting team managed to execute a customer service centre assessment to deliver a long-term Contact Centre strategy underpinned by a high-level business case.


  • The organisation can expect commercial efficiencies in the first year, through the use of SMS service, AI Chatbot and SIP technology
  • Global expansion of the operation has been secured for the next three years, with time-to-market lead time being reduced by two months

Through these efficiencies and solutions, the business gains a superior customer experience, contributing towards an estimated 15-20% CSAT NPS improvement.

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