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No Isolation delivers friendship when you need it most

Case Studies | May 2018


No Isolation has devised a smart way to support socially isolated children with long-term illness.

Business Need

No Isolation came about in 2015 while the founders were discussing the loneliness facing children with long-term illnesses who are unable to go to school. This resulted in an initiative to develop a robot capable of helping children with long-term illness. The robot, named AV1, acts as the child’s eyes, ears and voice in the classroom. No Isolation needed a partner to supply the communication technology.


AV1 is supported by Vodafone’s IoT technology and is controlled by an app on a smartphone or tablet. The robot is equipped with a camera that can rotate 360° and weighs no more than one kilogram. This means AV1 is easy to move around, enabling the robot to go on school trips and attend birthday parties. It means that children do not lose complete contact with day-to-day life when diagnosed with a long-term illness.

The first AV1 robots were developed in 2016. Today, over 400 robots are in service in various countries. Although No Isolation began in Norway, the company is already supplying the robots to Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Business Benefits

  • Vodafone has the largest 4G network in Europe available for transmitting large amounts of data
  • AV1 robot is capable of handling large amounts of data, including video streams
  • No Isolation products function reliably and securely anywhere
  • Working with a worldwide market leader in IoT, and supplier of cutting edge IoT-communication technology
“Various IoT technologies are available on the market. But video is an important feature of the AV1, so for that alone we need a relatively large amount of bandwidth. In Vodafone we have a supplier that can support our ambitions. We are very satisfied with the technology.”Anna Holm Heide, Chief Communications Officer, No Isolation

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