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NIU gears up to rethink urban transport

Case Studies | November 2017

NIU gears up to rethink urban transport

NIU smart scooters enable riders to gain insights in to their scooter usage

Business Need

NIU (pronounced ‘new’) is a Chinese scooter manufacturer and technology company looking to disrupt urban transport systems. Its smart scooter solution allows riders to track usage, monitor service levels and even find local service points through a dedicated app. To work effectively however, the solution required reliable connectivity. And for a business that is expanding internationally, finding a global partner to support their growth was key.


NIU is working with Vodafone in regional markets outside of China. All NIU scooters are fitted with a Vodafone Global SIM, which allows data from the scooter’s on-board computer to be transmitted to the NIU Cloud hosted on AWS via the Vodafone IoT Managed Connectivity Platform. Riders can then access this information via NIU’s mobile app. The app is then able to provide riders with data on battery level, recent trip information, GPS location and service status.

Business Benefits

  • Ensures a single platform and management to simplify international roll-out
  • Delivers the scale to grow quickly, as required
  • Reliable connectivity with consistent pricing
  • Secures a relationship with an IoT technology leader – with global retail reach
“As a manufacturer and a brand, one that is growing quickly, we don’t need to worry about finding stable partners in every new territory we enter. Vodafone is a universal service.”

Joseph Constanty,
Director of International,NIU

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