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Mobike enables smart bike sharing

Case Studies | November 2017


Mobike makes the case for smarter transport

Business Need

Mobike is a smart bike sharing service from China. But that description sells the company short: its real mission is to change the ways in which cities around the world are built and operate. Since launching in April 2016, Mobike has expanded into over 160 cities in China and abroad. It has over 7 million bikes in use, and started its first international operation in Singapore, in March 2017. In order to support this international expansion, Mobike required a partner who could connect its smart bikes globally and simplify the logistics of deploying bikes into new territories.


Mobike has a global agreement with Vodafone to use the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform in every market outside of China. A Vodafone IoT SIM is embedded in the smart lock of each bike, allowing it to be shipped and activated anywhere in the world. Mobike users download a dedicated app and use it to find and unlock a bike in a convenient location, and to track their usage statistics. The IoT hardware and software in the smart lock on the bike enables the collection of a vast library of transport data, which can be split by day of the week, distance, and more. Long term, this data could be merged with public transport data to generate a total picture of a city’s transport infrastructure.

Video-Mobike offers the most flexible bike sharing scheme

Video-Mobike offers the most flexible bike sharing scheme


Video-Mobike offers the most flexible bike sharing scheme


Business Benefits

  • Creates the scale and simplicity to grow rapidly, worldwide
  • Allows all connections to be managed from one platform
  • Enables users to locate bikes in real-time via a mobile app
  • Capitalises on strength of the Vodafone brand
"With a Vodafone IoT SIM in the lock of our bike, we can ship to anywhere in the world. It means the logistics are simple." Florian Bohnert,

Head of International, Mobike

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