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Medisanté enhances patient care

Medisanté develops innovative connected care solutions with Vodafone IoT.

Case Studies | June 2018

Medisanté Logo

Medisanté is improving how chronic illnesses are managed whilst also lowering healthcare costs, with Vodafone IoT.

Business Need

The goal of Medisanté is to develop a turnkey connected care solution and market it worldwide. This currently includes a range of medical devices connected via the mobile network, a powerful software platform for healthcare providers and in-country data storage. The health data the patient captures about themselves using Medisanté’s devices is securely transmitted to their doctors, hospitals and healthcare providers.

Medisanté was looking for a partner that could provide the global IoT connectivity it needed to connect its measurement systems to its connected care platform.


Vodafone’s powerful and flexible IoT platform covers all of Medisanté’s needs, and the company is already integrating global SIMs into its connected medical devices. SIM card management, cost control and data access are all covered by the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform. This offers interfaces that enable Medisanté to transmit the recorded data to its secure platforms.

Unlike other solutions on the market, the Medisanté connected care system does not require patients to use a smartphone, app or local Bluetooth connection to transmit data. Some patients often find it easier to use for this reason.

Business Benefits

  • Powerful and flexible IoT platform
  • International availability with global IoT SIMs
  • Simple administration via Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform
  • Global network coverage
  • Comprehensive service and support
  • Vital data recorded by the patient is transferred directly to Medisanté’s secure data platforms

Medisanté develops connected care solutions with Vodafone IoT

“As well as its performance and flexibility, the Vodafone IoT platform also gives us the scalability we need to quickly increase the number of solutions we produce. It has enormous potential. We estimate that we will have one million connected patients in just a few years. We have to be able to rely on our IoT partner 100 per cent, and we can with Vodafone.”
Peter Heiniger
CEO, Medisanté

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