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Kinseed enables remote patient monitoring

Case Studies | Aug 2018


Kinseed is enabling Great Ormond Street Hospital to remotely monitor patients in transit, allowing consultants to analyse data in real-time.

Business Need

Kinseed’s core purpose is ‘Connecting the Disconnected’ – whether that means people, information, or processes. Working with Great Ormond Street Hospital, Kinseed identified a major gap in accessing patient data. The monitoring of patients during transit to the hospital was predominantly manual and high-effort. A solution for real-time monitoring did not exist and handover processes were manual, slow and prone to error.

Using a standard bedside monitor to track patients’ vital signs, Kinseed created an application to access and analyse this data in real-time, which consultants could access from their phones and tablets at Great Ormond Street Hospital or from wherever the specialist resided when providing care. The challenge for Kinseed was connectivity. The company needed a partner that could provide reliable and robust connectivity, ensuring that consultants were able to access critical patient data without issue.


The Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform enables Kinseed’s MediConnect devices to output data in near real-time, allowing consultants to monitor every journey and proactively intervene should they spot an issue. Patient handover is much smoother as the hospital consultants are fully aware of the history and have had direct access to the medical data during the transport journey. There are no gaps; clinicians have a full picture of a patient’s medical data.

Kinseed are currently in talks with other hospitals with a view to deploying the solution across 24 hospitals and the Vodafone service provides the scale to expand quickly.

Business Benefits

  • Secure and reliable transmission of vital patient data
  • A single management platform to simplify a nationwide roll-out and improve cost control
  • Support from an IoT leader to enable healthcare digital transformation


“The Vodafone IoT Health team were just excellent. They recognised the importance of the proposition, and gave us full end-to-end support.”Pal Bhusate, Founder and CEO, Kinseed

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