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With Vodafone IoT, Kärcher offers its customers an innovative solution for the optimisation of fleet cleaning solutions

Case Study

Case Studies | June 2015

Kärcher is defining a new level of efficiency and professionalism in the management, maintenance and control of fleets.

Business Need

For the task of the professional cleaning of offices, hospitals and factory buildings, Kärcher offers sweepers, driers and much more. These devices can be administered by the customer using an extensive fleet management service known as “Kärcher Fleet”. Kärcher Fleet provides building service contractors as well as other customers with the relevant information for a seamless overview of all machinery, its present deployment and status.


To realise its fleet management solution, Kärcher uses a range of Vodafone IoT services. Global Vodafone SIM cards that are permanently installed in Kärcher machines transmit all relevant information such as condition, type of operation, maintenance state or the logged-in user to the Vodafone Remote Monitoring and Control (RMCS) platform. This in turn prepares the data for display on customer dashboards. SIM card management, cost control and data access are performed via the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform. Not least, this ensures that Kärcher fleet management can be offered and used in many countries.

Business Benefits

  • Kärcher Fleet offers customers a powerful tool to monitor and optimise the use of their fleets of cleaning machines
  • Utilisation of machines is increased significantly, as the detection of service requirements and planning of preventive maintenance reduces machine servicing
  • Improves operational readiness of the equipment as downtime is significantly reduced
  • Vodafone IoT enables Kärcher to offer a global and scalable service ensuring it can adapt its fleet management offering for clients from various sectors

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