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Jofemar manages its vending machines globally

Case Study

Case Studies | January 2017

inbodyimage-IoT-Jofemar manages its vending machines globally

Jofemar manages its vending machines globally

Business Need

For Jofemar’s ‘J-Suite’ tool to work effectively, and for end customers to be able to monitor the operational status of their vending machines, the machines would need a reliable connectivity solution. With sales of vending machines expanding outside of their home country of Spain, connectivity would also need to be scalable globally.


The Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform enables Jofemar to install managed vending machines anywhere in the world. Information captured by the machines’ internal and external sensors can then be transmitted securely to Jofemar servers, enabling customers real-time access to their vending machines via Jofemar’s ‘J-Suite’ application. Customers can access incident reports, data on sales & accounting and even deliver real-time price updates across groups of machines.

Business Benefits

  • A simple, automatic, economical and preconfigured connectivity service
  • Generates alerts activated by sensors and programmable events, allows damage to be prevented and anticipated decisions to be taken
  • Facilitates stock control and helps control quality of products offered, avoiding deterioration, reducing the number of visits and support calls
  • Total coverage in Spain as well as in all the markets it is active in, thanks to the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform
  • Single Vodafone IoT platform provides ease and simplicity of management
“The service Vodafone offered us gave us global coverage, which other providers were unable to provide us with, not only in the markets we are present in but also with the multi-operator service in Spain, a very important point compared to other proposals.”

Alfredo Fernández Díaz,
IT Manager, Jofemar

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