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ICE Gateway provides real-time services for smart cities, with Vodafone IoT

Case Study | February 2017


ICE Gateway has ambitious plans to make European cities smart with its multi-functional, intelligent digital infrastructure.

Business Need

ICE Gateway offers end-to-end products and services and develops the hardware and software for wireless outdoor Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), including LED lights, traffic, marketing, security, logistics and applications. The challenge is to find a cost-effective and reliable way of networking these gateways so they can communicate with each other, with users and with central control while also offering Wi-Fi access.


ICE Gateway connects streetlights to the high bandwidth Vodafone network for services concerning outdoor lighting, traffic, parking, logistics, real-time marketing, tourism and security. It ensures the highest data protection by adding intelligent processors to the lights, rather than simple IP based components therefore providing continuous real-time services with reliable, secure and highly available network connectivity. Vodafone has created a new, private network managed and monitored by proprietary tools. Individual SIM cards connect each ICE Gateway to dedicated servers and Vodafone’s managed connectivity service, sending data relating to security, traffic, lighting and other services while enabling Wi-Fi connectivity for customers.

Business Benefits

  • Vodafone’s global reach will enable ICE Gateway to realise its European deployment ambitions
  • Reliability, speed and low cost make Vodafone IoT the ideal partner for this innovative business
  • ICE Gateway will deliver multiple applications via its cutting-edge devices, including health and fitness, security, marketing/entertainment, sending beacon signals, parking sensors, logistics and asset tracking
  • Provides energy savings for customers thanks to smart management of lighting, parking and logistics
“With Vodafone, we can provide an elegant, efficient one-stop-shop for any number of applications built on a reliable, highly available and fast network. It is an economical, sustainable and multi-functional way for cities to embrace their smart potential.”

Ramin Mokhtari, CEO, ICE Gateway

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