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Communicating seamlessly for cross-country collaboration

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For a small start up like Homy Hub, a customer of Vodafone Spain that specialises in providing homeowners with simpler access to their garage through their smartphones, the idea of expanding their business seemed daunting and costly. With the new ways of working which exist in the Digital Workplace, being a start-up does not mean you are limited locally… even a small company has potential of huge growth. They have chosen to share their Ready Business story with us.

The young Madrid based business sought assistance and a solution to enable them to grow their company with the aim of moving into the global market. To address this ambition Vodafone was able to help their communication needs by providing Googles G-Suite for their business. This collaboration tool allows the company to work dynamically between Spain and the UK to share photo’s, documents, diarise meetings, send emails and work on projects simultaneously, as though they were all still working in the same, single location.Bad news for your air miles!

"As a customer of Vodafone Spain, it was really easy to set-up G Suite. Vodafone take care of the set-up and support all of the solutions we need, and we only have to focus on HomyHub."
Enzo Zamora,
Lead and Operations, HomyHub

To find out more about how to empower your businesses cross country working requirements and the challenges faced by HomyHub, watch the short video here or go to our website for more information.

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