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Feintool works tirelessly to eliminate manufacturing downtime

Case Study

Feintool is a Ready Business

Case Studies | April 2017

inbodyimage-IoT-Feintool works tirelessly to eliminate

Feintool works tirelessly to eliminate manufacturing downtime

Business Need

Feintool produces around 50 of its large presses a year, each taking several months to build. A press producing clutch parts for an automotive manufacturer could produce up to 100 million items a year, working around the clock. Therefore, maintenance must be carefully planned as there is limited downtime. For Feintool this challenge represented an opportunity, but to work effectively it needed connectivity independent of the customers’ network and it needed a global solution.


The Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform enables Feintool to ship presses to anywhere in the world, and activate the connectivity when necessary. There are now 28 Feintool presses online, using the FEINmonitoring solution. Feintool presses can be found in Germany, Switzerland and as far afield as Vietnam, Japan and the US. The Feintool presses are connected via Machinelink 3G devices which are then connected via the Vodafone IoT Managed Connectivity Platform.

Business Benefits

  • Global solution capable of working independently of customers’ network
  • Ensures best practise in data security, safeguarding customers’ production IP
  • End-to-end monitoring solution, from hardware to connectivity to management platform
"The 3G connectivity stands separate to the customers’ network, Vodafone understands data security, and it was the complete solution. Since we decided on Vodafone we’ve had to do very little work."

Mitch Greeley,
Condition Monitoring Engineer, Feintool

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