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Ekso Bionics improves patient mobility

Case Study

Ekso Bionics is a Ready Business

Case Studies | August 2017

inbodyimage-IoT-Ekso Bionics improves patient mobility

Ekso Bionics

Ekso Bionics improves patient mobility

Business Need

Many people who suffer from a stroke or spinal cord injury face a long road to recovery lasting months or years. The Ekso GT is the only battery powered robot FDA cleared for use in the treatment of individuals with stroke and spinal cord injuries. With the Ekso GT, therapists are able to offer a more complete treatment for patients. For Ekso Bionics the challenge was providing real-time recovery data to users in every country it operated in. It required the right service provider to connect all its exoskeleton devices in more than 170 rehabilitation institutions across North America, Africa and Europe.


The Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform enables Ekso Bionics to connect all exoskeletons globally. Vodafone’s service allows therapists to track patient progress, with filtering records allowing them to adapt therapy sessions accordingly. Having a single managed connectivity partner simplifies the manufacturing process enormously, with a single globally roaming SIM per suit, regardless of where the device is being shipped. This enhances Ekso Bionics’ impact on the market, and therefore helps those recovering from stroke and spinal cord injuries improve their quality of life.

Business Benefits

  • The Ekso GT allows physio-therapists to mobilise patients earlier and more frequently, improving patients’ quality of life
  • Vodafone’s Managed IoT device platform enables SIM cards to be activated or deactivated, monitored for usage and set to provide data alerts
  • Enables Ekso Bionics to collect real-time data from over 170 rehabilitation centres in North America, Africa and Europe
We saw a 30% year-on-year increase in utilisation of the robotic exoskeleton which aided patients’ recovery thanks to increased awareness of customers’ needs and usage habits.

Greg Davault,
VP, Global Marketing, Ekso Bionics

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