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Dräger helps prevent drink driving with Vodafone IoT

Case Study

Case study | Nov 2014

Whether in clinical settings, industry, mining, the fire service or the rescue service: Dräger products protect, support and save lives. The Dräger Interlock® 7000 is used to increase the safety of motorists and pedestrians. This innovative product is an immobiliser device that measures breath alcohol levels. If alcohol is detected in the driver's breath, the vehicle's engine will not start.

Business Need

The Dräger Interlock® 7000 is a device that measures breath alcohol levels and records attempts to drive while intoxicated. The data logged was previously only captured at a garage and sent to the authorities the next time the car was serviced; meaning authorities might only be notified several months after the incident.


Vodafone supports Dräger with Global SIM cards for their Dräger Interlock® 7000 immobiliser, enabling data to be transferred to the Dräger data centre immediately, where it is then processed and sent to the relevant authorities.

Business Benefits

  • The Dräger Interlock® 7000 is more effective with the Vodafone IoT solution as the data recorded in the system can now be transferred immediately.

  • It will soon also be possible to transmit driver photos, simplifying verification.

  • People who continue to attempt to drive while intoxicated can be taken off the roads sooner

  • Alcohol immobilisers are also used as preventative measures, for example for bus drivers. In this case, the system can be combined with fleet management.
"With the IoT solution from Vodafone, we have been able to shorten the previously long time it would take for the Interlock data to reach the authorities, to just half an hour."

Ian Allen,
Alexander Sarcinelli, Team Lead Product Management Interlock, Dräger Safety AG & Co. KGaA

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