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Creating digital avatars in the cloud

Case Studies | October 2018

3D technology company DOOB create personalised avatars in minutes with Alibaba Cloud from Vodafone

Business need

Founded in Dusseldorf Germany, DOOB is a pioneering tech company at the forefront of 3D-technology and 3D-printing innovation. The company’s initial offering has been a worldwide success, as DOOB enables their customers to create photo-realistic 3D replicas of themselves, loved ones or even pets. The company uses a powerful and contactless device called the DOOBlicator Scanning System to photograph customers from over 60 different camera angles, rendering their 2D imagery into a 3D model. Through tireless innovation, DOOB soon discovered that their 3D-technology could also be used to create digital avatars, allowing people to interact and engage with each other on the worldwide web. DOOB’s digital avatars allow online users to enter the digital world through their own life-like mini-me, ideal for use in social media and gaming communities.

Whilst the applications of DOOB’s 3D avatars are vast, the rendering process requires huge amounts of data to be drawn from scanners across the globe. DOOB needed a flexible and affordable solution which would revolutionise their infrastructure, allowing their DOOBlicators to command the required computing power at a moment’s notice.

In order to improve their processes, DOOB searched for a more streamlined and responsive solution to their data needs.


DOOB decided to connect its DOOBlicators across the globe by using the Alibaba Cloud from Vodafone. This provided a scalable and affordable solution, offering a broad portfolio of services on a pay per usage basis. This new approach allowed DOOB to significantly improve the overall calculation time for their digital avatars from 1 hour to just 15 minutes. This was achieved by centrally producing avatars through a graphical processing unit (GPU) rather than using local central processing units (CPU). The efficiency and quality of DOOB’s avatars has also been greatly improved, with DOOB remaining optimistic that this can be further improved upon through continued collaboration with Vodafone.

Business Benefits

  • The efficiency and quality of the digital avatars creation process has been considerably improved
  • Centralising computing capacity through the use of GPU’s has greatly improved the creation time of digital avatars
  • A pay as you use solution provides scalability, allowing DOOB to grow alongside customer needs

DOOB partners with Alibaba Cloud from Vodafone

“We already had software and AI based on algorithms, and this is now all in the Vodafone Cloud, supporting us to create human beings in digital form.” Vladimir Puhalac, Chief Executive Officer, DOOB

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