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Diabetacare provides efficient diabetes management

Case Study | Aug 2018

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Diabetacare devices with Vodafone IoT keep patients informed and monitored, encouraging more efficient diabetes management

Business Need

Diabetacare aims to help. It is trialling a new blood sugar level device with remote monitoring capability across 800 patients in Bangalore, India. Working in tandem with eight day clinics in the city, the devices provide regular monitoring along with personalised treatment schedules. Specially trained nurses monitor the daily data and specialist diabetes doctors are ready to review progress and deal with emergencies. However, for its devices to function they require real-time connectivity. This connectivity allows data to be uploaded to a central server and for this data to then be securely accessed by multiple parties.


The Diabetacare solution monitors glucose and blood pressure levels, automatically sending this data to specialist clinicians (including doctors and nutritionists). Treatment is personalised and adjusted accordingly, with periodic face to face visits at the nearest clinic. The Bangalore pilot began in March 2014. Diabetacare first spoke to Vodafone, then to the specialist Vodafone m-health team. It became clear that the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform offered the best solution. Vodafone’s scale and coverage means the business needs just one supplier, fully managed from a single global platform. It means Diabetacare is ready to respond quickly to growth opportunities.

Business Benefits

  • Enables Diabetacare to launch the world’s first remote diabetes treatment creating first-mover advantage
  • IoT managed connectivity service allows the business to plan for international ramp up from local pilot of 800 to 100,000 subscribers within three years
  • Provides a real-time view of customer data usage, billing and control from a single global platform
We looked at alternatives but, for me, the Vodafone IoT solution is ahead of the game. Beyond the technology, Vodafone was able to demonstrate a real problem-solving attitude.
Dr Sanjiv Agarwal, Founder and CEO, Diabetacare

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