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The future of boat ticket purchasing

Case Study | September 2018


Caremar digitises the management of travel documents and simplifies embarkation processes thanks to Vodafone IoT solutions

Business Need

First among the shipping companies operating in the Gulf of Naples, Caremar decided to automate and digitise the issuance of travel documents. This makes it possible for ticket payments to be made via 24-hour mobile devices with wireless connectivity, which operate independently from the electricity network thanks to their integrated batteries.


Vodafone was chosen as its connectivity provider, in addition being long-standing partner of Caremar it also provided the solution that best suited its needs.
The system allows travel documents to be issued by POS ticketing printers, these devices make it possible to print travel documents at ferry terminals or onboard boats. Instead of a standard local area network (LAN) connection, these machines use Vodafone 4G. The mobile devices allow for synchronous integration with Caremar’s booking system. With the expertise demonstrated by Sicily-based X-System and Vodafone’s professional services, the devices offer complete security both in relation to the transmission of data between the device and central servers, and in relation to the payment processes.

Business Benefits

  • With mobile devices connected with 4G technology provided by Vodafone IoT, Caremar has successfully digitised the issuance of travel documents and the management of online payments
  • Service continuity is guaranteed by 4G connectivity, as well as by the integrated batteries in the mobile devices
  • The digitisation of embarkment processes allows greater control over passengers’ entry onto the boats, thereby enhancing security


 “Vodafone was chosen as it provided the solution that best suited our requirements, in addition to the fact that it is a long-standing partner of Caremar, renowned for the reliability and consistency of the proposed technological solutions. Antonio Iannucci, Head of IT, Caremar

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