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Bitchain connects virtual currency with traditional

Case Study

Case Studies | May 2016

inbodylogo-IoT-Bitchain connects virtual currency

Bitchain services allow people to buy and sell Bitcoin digital currency using the cash machines it manufactures and manages.

Business Need

Bitcoin cash machines require a permanent Internet connection. Bitchain therefore needed a solution that would ensure full and reliable connectivity, 24 hours a day, wherever the machines are installed.


Vodafone’s MachineLink 3G Plus router is installed in Bitchain cash machines to provide a secure and reliable connection. The routers can be directly managed by its technical department. The Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform provides a simple way for Bitchain to monitor, locate and manage its Vodafone SIM cards and hardware devices instantly and in real-time.

Business Benefits

  • Standardises connectivity throughout the world, offering the same services without the need to manage multiple suppliers
  • Consistent and predictable costs with a structure that reduces the risks of operating internationally
  • 24x7 connectivity provided by Vodafone makes it possible to create new services and incorporates applications that provide added value and ROI
"When we decided on Vodafone as our IoT supplier, it was because of its ability to provide full connectivity, a fundamental part of the service we deliver. Bitcoin cash machines must have a permanent internet connection and many of the locations we choose do not have easy access to the network. It is vital that our cash machines do not suffer connectivity problems"

Xavi Diaz,
Head of Marketing and Communications, Bitchain

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