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Arviem brings visibility to the global supply chain with Vodafone IoT

Case Study

Case Study | January 2017


Arviem is a service provider for real-time cargo monitoring, set up specifically to uncover inefficiencies in the global supply chain.

Business Need

The Arviem approach is to sell monitoring as a service. Customers pay for the monitoring they need, only when they need it. For Arviem to succeed it needed a global communications platform, a solution capable of tracking worldwide with consistent pricing.


The Arviem solution allows customers at either end of the supply chain, often involving up to 40 different parties, to track the movement and monitor the environment of its goods with confidence. Arviem relies on the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity service to ensure consistent, reliable connectivity worldwide. It enables Arviem to manage monitoring devices as and when they are activated, anywhere in the world, off a single platform.

Business Benefits

  • Plans to deploy 50,000 Vodafone SIMs within four years
  • Creates a global solution with the means to scale quickly
  • Establishes an infrastructure capable of collecting valuable insight into global trade patterns
“We needed a communications partner that provides consistent and reliable coverage worldwide. We have to be sure our devices are able to communicate anywhere in the world, as they could connect to the communication platform in Rotterdam on one day before showing up again, approaching the port in New Zealand. With Vodafone, there are no surprises.”

Roman Mäder,
CTO, Arviem

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