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Never Losing Track: helping TrackTec always keep an eye on their customers’ assets

When you’re in the tracking business, communication is key. With our reliable network, TrackTec can now connect their devices with ease and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity.

We’re proud to support businesses worldwide

We spoke to four of our SME customers about their experiences and the challenges they’ve faced. Listen to how they’ve stayed connected with their teams and with their customers.

Vodafone helps Ferroli develop their connected boilers proposition

Vodafone’s dynamic and advanced connectivity links the boilers to the cloud and Ferroli’s service centres, which massively improves the quality of service and reliability.

Enhancing the customer experience

HDI Assicurazioni chooses Vodafone Automotive to deliver improved service and customised tariffs to customers

Quixa chooses Vodafone Automotive for greater road safety

Using Vodafone Automotive's IoT technologies and telematics platform, Quixa can expand the range of services it offers customers leading to strengthened relationships.

IoT: Spanish motorsports driver Isidre Esteve is back in the race

Isidre Esteve made his name with rally victories until a serious fall left him in a wheelchair. Yet, he is still racing for his dream, using adaptive technology.

A connected solution to fight noise pollution

A case study introducing how Vodafone's and Sonitus Systems' joint IoT solution enables customers to create a more harmonious environment.

Smart Meter fights diabetes in real-time

iGlucose by Smart Meter enables patients and healthcare teams to better manage diabetes, with Vodafone IoT.

The future of boat ticket purchasing

Mobile devices located in ferry terminals and onboard boats simplify passenger embarkment.