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A case study with Progetti del Cuore

05 Dec 2023

Progetti del Cuore: free fleet services to the most vulnerable users


  • Monitoring fleet vehicles
  • Increasing vehicle and driver safety
  • Switching to an electric fleet


  • All-in-one fleet management platform
  • Accurate vehicle data collection
  • Complete installation and support


  • Optimised fleet usage
  • Improved employee driving styles
  • Scheduled maintenance and repairs

Progetti Del Cuore

The customer and the challenge

Promoting equal mobility through a purpose-led project

Progetti del Cuore is an Italian marketing company operating in the voluntary sector that supports their partners in creating ethically and socially responsible brand identities. As municipalities and voluntary associations are often unable to address all the needs of the most fragile members of society, the company helps other brands invest in social impact. They enable organisations to provide free mobility services to vulnerable social groups, such as children, elderly people and disabled citizens, with co-branded, specialist vehicles.

Improving lives with a specialist fleet

Progetti del Cuore operates a fleet of 550 vehicles, including five electric and five hybrid cars, to facilitate the mobility of vulnerable users and their families. In the long run, their goal is to expand their fleet by adding solely electric and hybrid vehicles to make their business model environmentally sustainable. As they assist people with motor impairment, technology plays a key role in making their everyday lives easier. Progetti del Cuore knew that with the right information and continuous vehicle monitoring, they could optimise fleet usage and tailor their services to unique needs.

Putting data at the heart of decision-making

Progetti del Cuore decided to invest in digital technology to offer seamless mobility experiences to people with specific needs. To manage a large fleet efficiently and keep up with strict time schedules, it’s crucial for the company to have real-time visibility of their vehicles. They needed support with monitoring their drivers’ behaviours and their cars’ condition to schedule repairs proactively, reduce breakdowns and maintenance costs and increase safety. They were also looking to get expert advice on how to switch to electric vehicles.

How we helped them

Managing fleet operations from an all-in-one platform

The Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics platform gives Progetti del Cuore complete visibility, leveraging a centralised view of their fleet combined with constant, day-to-day support. We took care of a comprehensive, professional device installation and integrated the service with their existing IT systems. “The availability of information is essential to keep the fleet efficient, optimise its use and offer an outstanding service to users,” says Daniele Ragone, Managing Director of Progetti del Cuore. Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics, ideal for different fleet sizes and vehicle types, ensures reliable and accurate telematics data collection and detailed reporting to shape data-driven decisions and business strategies.

Fleet visibility for smooth operations

Our solution helps Progetti del Cuore plan vehicle purchase and rental, monitor wear and tear, plan routine and additional maintenance and assess routes in real time to allocate the right vehicle for each task. Partner companies can gain insights into the vehicles’ usage by monitoring data on hours and mileage and they can also verify routes and switchovers. This way, Progetti del Cuore can shape their solutions to meet sponsor companies’ needs through transparent operations, increase brand visibility and maximise investment. What’s more, leveraging telematics data also supports the shift to green mobility. “The Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics platform helps our business choose the most suitable electric vehicle models for our needs and then add them at the right time,” says Alessandro Cardelli, Indirect Purchasing Manager at Progetti del Cuore.

Offering free mobility in a safe and cost-efficient way

Our intelligent fleet management platform supports Progetti del Cuore with the right data insights to provide their clients and communities with better services. The solution not only ensures that the vehicles are safe to use but also allows companies to assess driving styles and educate employees, keeping drivers, passengers and all road users safe. With Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics, Progetti del Cuore can help private and public sector companies plan where to make improvements to reduce costs both for the organisations and vulnerable people.

Why choose us?

Reliable data collection and reporting

Data-driven shift to electric fleets


Seamless integration and device installation

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