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22 Jun 2022


  • Refreshing internal architecture
  • Adopting a cloud-first approach
  • Managing critical applications


  • SD-WAN deployment in over 170 sites
  • Global reach and constant support
  • Direct, secure access to cloud


  • Greater network control
  • Secure and flexible workflow
  • Faster rollout of new functions

A network adapted to your needs: transforming a financial services business with SD-WAN

The customer and the challenge

Every change is a new chance to grow

One of Australasia’s major banks operates in over 30 markets worldwide. The company offers banking and financial services to millions of retail and business customers. When the pandemic hit, they managed to adapt their operations to the changing circumstances and ensure business continuity. After introducing the new ways of working and recognising their potential, they found themselves at a crossroads. And instead of going back to their old ways, they decided to continue their digital journey to enjoy further benefits of their transformation in the long run.

Paving the digital path

The company wanted to transform and refresh their internal infrastructure to move towards a cloud-first future and manage their critical applications. Speed and flexibility were paramount for them to leverage cloud technologies and to enhance remote working capabilities for their employees, while delivering seamless digital services for their customers. The company wanted to shift to a SaaS-driven model to become more agile when responding to new opportunities. They realised that the rollout of SD-WAN would bring them closer to their goals.

Go beyond your network boundaries

The company was aware that SD-WAN would give them complete control of their network and a toolset to make their digital transformation simple and smooth. They knew that intelligent and reliable connectivity would be a must for building their digital business on the pillars of agility, modernisation and responsiveness. They needed help to create a hybrid model to get the most out of their multiple resources and to manage their network in a more efficient and secure way.

How we helped them

Put your network at the heart of your business

Vodafone Business SD-WAN has given the company greater control over their network to provide a solid ground for their business. We are deploying an agile network combining internet underlay with Vodafone SD-WAN overlay in 28 countries and over 170 sites to help them meet all the unique needs of their different offices and locations. Our solution uses multiple access technologies to ensure that their network is always ready to scale to their business demands at a local level. Vodafone Business SD-WAN provides the company’s employees with direct access to public and private cloud, business applications and data to enhance collaboration, no matter where they are.

SD-WAN knows no distance

The application-centric SD-WAN network enables the company to implement changes and roll out functions faster than ever. The network can anticipate and respond to their demands to support any tool, system or project they’re working on. Our consistent, uninterrupted service provides reliable and flexible working opportunities for the company’s employees, wherever they are.

Thriving locally, growing globally

The financial services company now has greater local and individual autonomy over their network combined with global consistency of support. Our services ensure that their network is in good hands, allowing them to focus on their core business. Our partnership has opened up more conversations to find out how the rest of our solutions can help them further grow their business. Thanks to our global network coverage, we provide SD-WAN services in over 184 countries around the globe. There’s a good chance we can help you with multilingual support, local billing and project management, no matter where you’re based.

Why choose us?

Application-centric network solutions

Consistent, uninterrupted service

Global network coverage and support

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