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Why networks are critical for building trust in digital business

29 Jul 2019
Peter Terry-Brown 

Peter Terry-Brown

Unified Communications and Connectivity Director
Vodafone Business

Trust has become a critical commodity for a digital business.

However, there’s a complicated relationship between trust and the data that powers a great user experience.

Businesses are using data-driven technologies to transform customer experiences: consistently delivering what customers want, sometimes before they know they want it.

But at the same time, data can lead to the loss of trust through breaches of security and privacy. And as today’s customers are vocal and communicate with each other at speed, it can be lost more quickly than ever.

That is why leaders know that for future success, organisations must both transform to make greater use of data-driven technology and build trust amongst customers and employees.

Underpinning all of this is a key component: the connectivity that powers the digital business. Today, any issue with connectivity can lead to the loss of all of the above at a frightening speed. Reliable, secure and scalable networking has become a vital foundation for modern businesses.

To explore this dynamic further, we’ve commissioned research on businesses’ relationship with the commonly overlooked hero of transformation, the network, and in particular the software defined network.

Building Trust in Digital Business examines the views of 1,891 business leaders to understand how this critical element of the digital business can underpin performance – and consumer trust.

The rise of the digital business

Transformation is everywhere in business today. Whether it’s customer experience or service delivery models, 81% of business leaders say they are actively trying to transform their business using data-driven technologies.

To do so quickly and flexibly, businesses have invested widely in cloud-based solutions, and the impact of this on customer relationships is clear.

The vast majority of businesses (87%) communicate and engage with customers through digital technology more than they did two years ago.

Technology also plays an important role in employee engagement; nearly three quarters of leaders have invested in unified communications platforms to empower employees and build a strong culture.

Growing the business successfully depends on getting the most from these investments – but that in turn depends on that often overlooked element of the business infrastructure, the network.

The unsung hero of transformation

With the growing importance of digital technology – and particularly the cloud – the network has become more important than ever.

But scaling connectivity to keep up with digital transformation has been challenging, especially for organisations limited by network infrastructure that is not able to support rapid growth.

This is a critical issue for today’s leading businesses. The more business data and vital customer interactions are delivered digitally, the more potential there is for poor connectivity to damage that relationship.

That’s why businesses need a network that will support their investment in their digital and overall transformation.

A safety net

The network also underpins another key component of trust: how data is secured and used.

Business leaders acknowledge the impact of how they use data on customer perception; 89% say the use and security of data are essential components of trust in businesses today

Business leaders also point to data security and privacy as customers’ second most significant priority (48%), coming just behind price (49%). Implementing a network that will protect valuable data is key.

Foundation for success

The right network is the bedrock of a digital business. Our research shows how more dynamic digital networks, such as those that are software defined, are crucial to power businesses today and into the future.

This kind of network can keep up with varying demands for bandwidth, scaling to deliver a consistent performance for employees and customers.

 It can also ensure security of data on the network, bringing peace of mind and privacy when it matters most.

With the right network, digital businesses can build the trust that’s so vital for success today.

Learn more about how a software-defined network could help to build trust in your business: 

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