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What’s Next for IoT?

IoT Blog | November 21, 2016


Andrew Morawski

Head of Americas, Vodafone Internet of Things (IoT)
LinkedIn | Twitter

There’s no doubt the Internet of Things is transforming businesses around the world. It represents the future of communications, productivity and connectivity in the workplace and beyond. The IoT is becoming vital to enterprises—in fact, according to the 2016 Vodafone IoT Barometer, 76% of businesses see the IoT as “critical” to future success. In a recent article for CIO Review, I discussed some of the trends we are seeing in IoT adoption, and how they will shape business processes in the years to come. Here are the key IoT trends included in the article:

  • From “If” to “How”: Most business will use IoT technologies within the next two years. Whether or not businesses employ IoT applications will no longer be in question since they will be fully ingrained into IT landscapes and digital strategies. Instead, the focus will be on how businesses are leveraging connectivity to increase efficiencies.
  • From “Technology” to “Business Outcome”: IoT will be considered an intrinsic feature of business, indistinguishable from other standard processes. For example, IoT applications will be considered essential to the operations of modern warehouse systems, company car fleets and more. Business-led approaches to procuring and managing IoT will dominate in order to drive measurable results. Further, IoT and other IT components such as cloud, mobile and analytics will be purchased together as part of a fully-integrated solution.
  • From “Caution” to “Action”: Cybersecurity will continue to be critical. As IoT becomes part of the fabric of overall IT security practices, businesses will take an active approach in protecting this crucial asset.
  • From “Optimize” to “Engage”: As businesses build IoT into their products and services, certain sectors will take a natural lead when it comes to revolutionizing how they engage customers. The automotive industry, through the connected car, and healthcare, through mHealth, will be among the sectors leading the way.

If you’d like to learn more about the ways the IoT continues to evolve, you can find my full CIO Review article here:

By Andrew Morawski

Originally published on:

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