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Volkswagen and Vodafone: a partnership based on trust

Stefano Gastaut

Stefano Gastaut

Internet of Things (IoT) Director, Vodafone Business

Digitalisation, e-mobility and autonomous driving are fundamentally changing the automotive sector. Connected, automated, shared and electric, that’s the future for the car industry, and the global OEMs need partners that can help them succeed in an increasingly digital world.

This rapid pace of change is encouraging the major automotive companies to form strong links with their digital partners and I am delighted to announce that Vodafone has been chosen by the Volkswagen Group as one of its best international suppliers. The award, in the Intelligent Driving category, recognised Vodafone’s crucial contribution to the development of Volkswagen’s Connectivity Platform, helping the company to deliver a host of new digital customer services, while also significantly reducing costs.

The award noted Vodafone’s passion for innovation and team working with the global carmaker stating that Vodafone is an important partner for the next generation of its mobile online services.

Ultimately, the automotive companies are looking for strong and reliable global information and communications partners to stand by their side as the exciting journey of digital transformation gathers pace. And Vodafone is proud to work with customers such as Volkswagen to help realise the benefits of connected cars and services for generations to come.

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