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Vodafone at Mobile World Congress 2014 – Smart health

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News | February 2014

The rise of smart mobile solutions point to a brighter future for healthcare workers and patients globally. Mobile connections are enabling healthcare professionals to deliver life changing services to people in the most difficult to reach locations around the world.


For years, innovation in healthcare had been domain of the pharmaceutical industry and medical device manufacturers, but with the advent of smart mobile communications and connected devices, the world of technology is set to revolutionise healthcare as we know it.

With M2M, connecting the right people to the right information at the right time and place can have a huge impact on saving lives, delivering vital medical services, monitoring health, and improving conditions for millions of people around the world. Smart health is about making these connections work together, so that innovations in mHealth have a direct impact on those administering or needing healthcare services.

Just a few years ago, mobile healthcare demonstrations at MWC would have been a relatively unusual sight, but with global mobile phone penetration in developing countries reaching around 90%, the emergence of mHealth at the event has been an obvious highlight and a key opportunity for the industry. This year’s show has underlined this growth, with the Connected City area providing visitors with a journey through different mobile health solutions, including NFC, E-Health and Identity from the GSMA.

At MWC 2014, we are really excited to be showcasing a range of Smart health solutions including an end-to-end solution which allows healthcare workers in remote field locations to collect data such as oxygen, heart rate and blood pressure levels and deliver services based on these insights. Visitors can also see our Mobile Relationship Manager, a platform which connects patients, healthcare professionals and medical devices. Using SMS, email, and data communications from M2M enabled medical devices and equipment, patients are never far from their next treatment reminder, and can send their own updates to medical workers via their phones.

We’re also showing the Health Enablement & Learning Platform (HELP), an mHealth Learning Project created in collabortion with Accenture to improve healthcare education across Africa, where there is a severe shortage of trained healthcare workers. HELP – powered by Vodafone – has been developed to tackle the problems of delivering healthcare in urban, rural and nomadic areas of Africa, using only basic handsets and channels, to deliver educational content, learning approaches, and tools to healthcare workers. HELP enables NGOs, and development agencies, such as the Kenyan Ministry of Health, to support the growing needs of healthcare professionals in Africa.

Visit us:

Visit Vodafone M2M at Mobile World Congress in Hall 3, Stand 3A11 in the Connected City and talk about what M2M can do for your business or follow us @Vodafone_M2M for MWC updates.

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