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Vodafone Business innovates high-valued asset tracking with its Connected Label solution

15 Jun 2023
Lorenzo Moro Global Product Manager

Lorenzo Moro

Global Product Manager

Revolutionizing supply chain logistics: Vodafone Business and Sensos partner to eliminate the guesswork from high-valued parcel shipment

The logistics landscape is transforming. To view the logistics sector solely as the transportation of goods from one point to another underestimates the complexities in front the critical enablers of the 21st century.

In today's highly competitive market, customer expectations continue to grow and ultimately have the influence to shift brand perceptions. It’s important to remember that the customer journey doesn't end at the point of transaction.

Customers of all sizes want to track their parcels from order to dispatch and arrival. Combine this notion with the fact that delivery is becoming increasingly the only physical touchpoint businesses have with their customers and it’s clear to see that the delivery supply chain needs to be a critical point of differentiation, especially for high-value parcels.

Unfortunately, most organisations lack effective systems to measure and monitor the granularity needed, creating vulnerabilities due to the lack of insight across the full extent of their supply-chain. In a 2021 McKinsey survey of senior supply chain executives, just under half said they'd be able to pinpoint with accuracy the location of tier-one suppliers or goods while in transit.

To understand the extent of these challenges, take just the global same-day delivery market, for example. Valued at $5.78 billion in 2019 and projected to reach $20.36 billion by 2027, growing its compound annual growth rate (CAGR) by 21.1%, can the market really afford the supply chain knowledge gaps?

It’s the small steps that make the biggest impact

From Shipment and Logistics to Automotive and Pharma, there isn’t a B2B industry that isn’t increasing demand for more transparency and tracking granularity in the supply chain. However, to gain competitive advantage, organisations need to find new ways to optimise operations, gain efficiencies and reduce costs by leveraging the power of insights, data and AI.

It’s clear there’s an industry need for innovation across the supply chain. According to McKinsey in order to navigate the complexity and diversity of supply chain risks it will require smart management tools that help focus attention and avoid risk.

We understand that it’s only by partnering with other best in class providers, this can truly happen. With collaboration in mind, Vodafone Business and Sensos, a group company of Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation, have come together to offer the logistics and supply chain industries a high technology Internet of Things (IoT) solution.

By working together, we’ve been able to create a game-changing supply chain visibility solution leveraging Vodafone Business Tracking Console. Innovation here lies in the improved transparency and granularity in Asset Tracking monitoring and management, bringing a unique combination of both innovative space saving and power reduction capabilities based on integrated-SIM (iSIM) within this innovative cellular label form factor.

But that’s not all, a combination of user-friendly dashboards that enables better decision making, an alert system with automatic notifications from the beginning to the end of the supply chain journey and advanced data management set the standard for modern systems integration as well as high-value parcel and assets shipment. The best bit, all this sits within a stick and go label.

From this partnership it’s our customers who benefit most. We’re helping to not only remove the manual and labour-intensive task of opaque asset tracking but enabling new revenue streams and increase brand perception while helping solve one of the industry’s biggest challenges.

If you like to know more about our Connected Label solution, find more information here.

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