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Vodafone Business aims to harness the power of IoT innovation in the US

20 Oct 2019
Phil skipper

Phil Skipper

Head of IoT Business Development,
Vodafone Business

What impact will 5G have on IoT innovation? How will it create new ways of working in an increasingly technology driven world?

These are just some of the questions I’ll be discussing with my Vodafone Business colleagues in Los Angles this week at Mobile World Congress.

The show is always a great moment to reiterate our commitment to helping customers be future-ready and achieve their objectives with an IoT solution that works for them.

We recognise IoT as a critical component for the future of business and a powerful catalyst for digital transformation, and we are not alone: the recent IoT Barometer found that 74% of IoT adopters say that within five years, companies that haven’t adopted the technology will have fallen behind their competitors.  

That’s why it is essential for technology partners to continuously try to find new and better ways to support customers on the digitalisation journey.

Today, we are taking two important steps as part of this commitment to the future of business: we are opening our first United States IoT Open Lab in Redwood City and we are launching Vodafone Business App Invent, our unique IoT application enablement platform, in the Americas.

Redwood City IoT Open Lab: creating a space for IoT innovation

We believe the potential of IoT is limitless, which is why we want to give our customers an environment to create, test and evaluate the ways in which it can help their business succeed.

In this newly opened co-creation space, customers will be able to test IoT solutions and bring them to life through augmented reality, geo-mapping, machine vision and agile development.

The lab will also showcase a range of IoT solutions created by Vodafone, our technology partners and open source communities. This is in addition to housing a development environment and the infrastructure needed to accelerate cellular IoT prototyping.

Within the lab our customers will have the opportunity to leverage Vodafone’s global network, allowing them to test their IoT ideas with the benefit of global managed connectivity.

They will also get access to pre-deployment verification on Vodafone Spectrum, Vodafone Infrastructure and Vodafone backend systems, allowing them to understand how their solution will operate once deployed.

redwood lab image 2

Vodafone Business App Invent: enabling IoT application development

Along with the launch of the IoT Lab, we will be showcasing Vodafone Business App Invent, a unique end-to-end IoT application development platform.

Available from November. Invent enables the creation, connection and deployment of IoT applications quickly and efficiently, allowing our customers to remove many of the technical challenges of the implementation process.

This means meeting business objectives faster and in a safer, more cost effective way.

Many businesses have already unlocked the opportunity to digitalise around IoT, but many more have yet to take the first step on this journey.  With Invent and the Redwood City IoT Open Lab, we aim to make the potential of this technology accessible to any business.  

We want to help our customers transform and introduce new products and services, drive internal efficiency and improve customer interactions in a fast, safe and agile environment. 

We’d love to have you join us for a demo of Invent as well as a test and learn session in Redwood City. Or, stop by our Vodafone Business Partner Session on Wednesday, October 23 from 2-5 pm PT at Mobile World Congress Los Angeles this week.

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