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Vodafone Automotive and unu drive the connected travel of the future

09 Sep 2019
Gion Baker

Gion Baker

Automotive Director, Vodafone Business

Recent figures revealed from sat-nav manufacturer TomTom show that the UK is home to nine cities in the top 100 most congested cities globally, and overall congestion is up by an average of 1% (year on year).i

Congestion in cities makes them less liveable, increases pollution and makes commuting a misery for millions around the world every day. It comes as no surprise that the focus of this year’s IAA, the world’s biggest motor show, is the future of mobility. Many players in the automotive sphere are working on finding ways to improve people’s lives by enhancing their options to travel and move around in the city.

We believe connectivity will redefine how road networks, vehicles and other road users interact, creating a more sustainable and efficient future for everyone.

That’s why one product we are really proud to present to the public at the event is the new electric scooter from unu, which offers a connected, quick, clean and accessible way to commute and can be shared with friends and family with just one click.

Unu is a Berlin based start-up, part of Vodafone’s IoT accelerator programme UPLIFT. Unu’s scooters are truly innovative: an app can fully replace the ignition key! They are also fully connected, allowing the user to check battery level, track, stop and start the vehicle from anywhere. This means the owner of an unu scooter can share it with family and friends remotely via their smart phone, enabling a new form of mobility called “micro-sharing” for the first time.

Given the nature of this product, additional theft protection features have been added to ensure that if the scooter moves, the owner receives a notification and the vehicle is tracked. The unu electric scooter is also truly smart: capable of learning, updates will automatically be imported from the cloud.

All these digital features make unu the perfect partner for businesses interested in designing an electric scooter fleet: sustainable, shareable, trackable and able to evolve with the world of mobility. Join Gion Baker, CEO Vodafone Automotive, who will give his keynote Shaping the future mobility ecosystem - the role of 5G at the IAA Conference on September 12.

To find out more about our solutions for the future of mobility, visit us in Hall 5, Booth 5.0 C31

Vodafone Automotive and electric scooter company unu drive the connected travel of the future

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