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Venture Catalysts: how purpose driven businesses can drive an inclusive future with Vodafone Business Ventures

22 Sep 2020

Vinod Kumar

CEO, Vodafone Business

When I first joined Vodafone Business just over one year ago, I must admit I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the long list initiatives led by Vodafone Foundation.

Andrew Dunnett, Group Director for Sustainable Business and Foundations, showed me that Vodafone has a rich history of investing in the communities in which it operates.

From the Bright Sky app which helps victims of domestic violence in Europe to the Instant Network Schools programme, which today supports over 86,500 students across Africa in partnership with the UNCHR and the inspirational Mo Salah.

He also introduced me to a new project, Vodafone Business Ventures, a start-up style team focused on designing life-changing solutions that are both sustainable and scalable. To achieve this, Ventures projects are commercially driven, designed to generate profit that can be reinvested into the programme and other initiatives.

This marks a shift in strategy from the traditional donation structure, but one which will offer much more to those who need them in the long term.

I recently caught up again with Andrew to discuss my own experiences, the progress we’ve made so far and the vision we share for the future: positively transforming lives through technology.

Vinod and Andrew Dunnett

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