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Unbound London 2019: meet the most connected start-ups in tech today

24 Jul 2019
Erik Brenneis

Erik Brenneis

CEO, Vodafone IoT

The 2019 Unbound festival just wrapped up and what a ride it was!

More than 5000 founders, entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders congregated at The Old Truman Brewery in the heart of tech-trendy East London over two days.

Some of the most exciting and disruptive start and scale-ups of 2019 were present. They shared their innovations and ideas with fellow attendees, forging important connections and introducing new solutions to old problems.

Also part of the event was the showdown of the 5G Dig competition, where Vodafone recognised the start-ups ready to thrive with the roll-out of 5G.

“Don’t underestimate the stabe-coin. Businesses will increasingly use these to programme their digital money to pay bills, investments and more automatically”
– Nicholas Cary,
Starr up stalls

The top 20 finalists each had a stand at the event, and final five were invited onstage to pitch their concepts to the crowd.

The winner receives ongoing mentorship from Vodafone executives, as well as invaluable access to guidance and pitching opportunities with corporate partners and industry experts.

The final contenders on the day were:

  • Conigital: A transport focused start-up with a mobility platform called ConICAV. This allows you to transform any brand or type of car into a CAV (connected automated vehicle) as part of a fleet.
  • Polystream: A UK-based platform that uses the visual cloud to stream games and 3D applications – rendering from the end device.
  • Supponor: Uses AR technology to customise broadcast advertising during live sports events.
  • SurgeonMate: A Portugal-based start-up who created a platform that allows surgeons to easily record complex operations and share them anywhere in the world.
  • WeAR Mobile: The Italy-based start-up creates process orientated AR experiences to help take the complexity out of large products.

It was a tough choice, but after much deliberation the judges awarded the 5G Dig crown to Supponor.

DBRLive from Supponor

The service it has created has worldwide appeal with capabilities that could completely revolutionise the advertising industry.

However, when it came to the crowd their favourite was clear – the people’s choice award went to SurgeonMate. Two fantastic, original ideas with gigabit speeds at their core.

All in all, it was a galvanising event for everyone present. So, what ideas will we see next year?

You can watch the full 5G Dig final in action here

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