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Together we can: what the new brand positioning means for our customers

07 Apr 2021
Iris Meijer

Iris Meijer

Chief Marketing Officer,
Vodafone Business

The pandemic has impacted the way we do just about everything, and in many ways, it has brought out the best in humanity.

We’ve seen people all over the world unite to support human rights. Businesses have put profits aside, donating resources and creating masks and ventilators for the healthcare industry, and community organisers have provided food and shelter for those who need it most.

This sense of togetherness and drive for society to be better really spoke to us as an organisation and can been seen through our new brand positioning.

Shifting the narrative

‘The Future Is Exciting – Ready’, introduced in 2015, supported our optimism about the positive impact of technology and innovation in society. As a purpose-led organisation, we have seen first-hand the benefits that going digital can bring to a community.

Connecting for a better future remains at the heart of what we do but it was time to shift the narrative from one purely about technology, to one that focuses more on the human spirit.

The new ‘Together We Can’ branding celebrates what we can achieve together and how technology aids that human spirit and our irrepressible drive to make progress and do things better.

A positive force for change

This feeds into our work with other organisations too.

By collaborating with our customers in a more innovative way, we know great things can happen and want to create a future where every business has the same opportunity to thrive and grow.

We also hope to make business a positive force for change and are passionate about supporting those enterprises that want to make a good impact on society and the challenges facing our world.

We caught up with our Chief Marketing Officer, Iris Meijer, to find out more;

Together we can

Together we can


Together we can

Discover what drives our business.

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