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Vodafone Business and IBM join forces to drive innovation for customers.


Brian Humphries

CEO, Vodafone Business

In December, I was delighted to share our refreshed brand identity, as we moved from Vodafone Enterprise to Vodafone Business. Everyone in our organisation and beyond has loved the new visuals, which really help us to stand out as Vodafone’s B2B organisation.

But most importantly, it was an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to customer centricity – the single most important area of focus for all businesses today, ourselves included. Our technology places us in an important position of trust for our customers, where we can act as a guide and partner on their road to digital transformation.

And there is no doubt that this road is complex. An increasing number of technologies are becoming an integral part of the standard business ecosystem, co-existing in the cloud with varying degrees of compatibility.

At Vodafone Business, our mission is to help our customers succeed in a digital world. This means that we must take bold steps to enable them to deliver innovation to their own customers.

That is why I’m very pleased with our announcement last week on an exciting new venture with one of our longest running partners, IBM. This venture brings together Vodafone’s global connectivity portfolio with IBM’s world-class IT and multi-cloud capability. A combination which also leverages the scale and experience of two industry leaders.

By combining our core strengths with those of IBM, our customers will have access to a full suite of technologies that complement one another; 5G, IoT, SDN, AI/Watson, multi-cloud and block chain to name just a few. This will mean faster decision making, enhanced automation and personalised experiences for end users in any location.

And it means that Vodafone Business customers can also benefit directly from IBM’s multi-cloud and managed service capabilities.

We have worked alongside IBM for many years, and I’m excited by what we will build together for our customers under this new venture. It will be a learning experience for us all; Vodafone, IBM, and our customers. One which we will all benefit from.

And as we grow, we will co-develop a range of innovative digital solutions across a number of different industries. Together, we’ll be the technology partners our customers need us to be.

Your business expertise, our global connectivity and world-class multi-cloud solutions. Moving ahead together in a world of unprecedented change.

For further information on our venture with IBM, please visit our dedicated Vodafone IBM microsite.

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