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The world of work, as we know it, is changing


The Digital Workplace

Over the past decade digital technologies have transformed our lives. Wherever we are, technology plays a vital role in almost everything we do – and work is no exception. Today, we expect to communicate with anyone and access information and services from anywhere at any time. For employers, meeting these expectations isn’t just another box to tick, it’s critical to attracting and retaining talent, keeping employees engaged and productive, fostering a culture of innovation, and staying ahead of competitors. As new tools and services transform the traditional workplace, the world of work will be revolutionised.

What do we mean by the digital workplace?

A digital workplace empowers employees with the latest productivity-boosting technology. It promotes flexible working, supports a diverse and inclusive workforce, improves work-life balance and creates an environment where innovation can flourish.

Here at Vodafone we know what it takes to build a Digital Workplace because we work in one.

We believe we are at the forefront of the digital revolution – not just in what we do for our customers, but also in the way we manage our workplace. We have first-hand experience of transforming our own operations to create an efficient and innovation-driven digital workplace that benefits our customers and our people.Recently, we won an award from the DWG (Digital Workplace Group) for Digital Workplace of Year 2017.

Here are a few solutions that Vodafone can provide to transform your business to meet the growing demand for a digital workplace:

  • Tailored guidance on digital workplace adoption
  • Help to plan, implement and de-risk your transformation
  • Advice on the right technologies to support your needs
  • Implementation services to help you get the right technologies in place
  • Communications to make sure your workforce embraces change
  • Professional advice, services and support at the right level for your organisation
  • Ongoing insight into new digital trends and how to approach them

Put simply, at Vodafone we have the technology, people, processes and experience you need, to ensure the success of your digital workplace initiatives.

Whether you’re just starting to explore digital workplace, or already have an initiative under way, download our guide below which contains insight and advice to help you make the best decisions. In each section you’ll find help to visualise and plan your digital workplace transformation. What are you waiting for? Welcome to your new world of work.

Take a look at this short animation which brings the digital workplace to life.

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