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The Internet of Things is helping Italian businesses get back on track safely

06 Jul 2020

Giorgio Migliarina

Director, Vodafone Business Italy

Almost everywhere around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic meant “stay at home ” orders were issued to protect people from this invisible enemy.

Italy was one of the early victims of COVID-19 and one of the countries hit hardest by this pandemic. Lockdown measures were strict and lasted for more than 67 days. Businesses, just like people, have suffered.

We have helped the best way we could during the emergency and as lockdown measures started to lift we asked ourselves: what can we do to help our customers get back on track?

Businesses shouldn’t have to choose between safety of their employees and customers, and survival, that’s for sure.

This is why we have been working tirelessly to come-up with ways to combine our technology expertise, especially in IoT, with the unprecedented needs of businesses in Italy.

Offices, shops, and even amusement parks reopening gradually. But social distancing, as well as other health and safety measures, are still in place and will be for a while.

Unlocking solutions

As Vodafone Business in Italy, we already work with many businesses and public institutions to support their digital transformation. Digitally transforming means being able to turn the data you need into digital assets that allow you to achieve your business objectives. We decided to treat this challenge in exactly the same way.

Taking advantage of our experience in IoT, we put together a range of solutions that pre-empted the problems we knew businesses were going to face when reopening.

Social distancing, temperature checks and space monitoring have become essential duties of employers and governments. And we knew technology could help both private businesses and public institutions adhere to these requirements easily and effectively.

We have a suite of solutions for businesses in Italy, which include a thermal scanner, distancing wearables and personal protective equipment (PPE) monitoring, as well as workspace booking technologies.

We designed these solutions to meet the current needs of businesses and governments, and to support their future objectives and investments. It’s part of the ongoing digitalisation of businesses in Italy that we have been supporting for a number of years.

Comply with current regulations
End-to-end solutions that are easy and fast to implement
End-to-end solutions
Comply with current regulations for data protection and protection
Guarantee service quality
Suitable for businesses of all sizes
Suitable for businesses
Guarantee service quality, continuity and security

Body temperature detection
A thermal camera is used to check the body temperature of employees and customers, and even detect if an individual is wearing a mask, sending alerts where necessary


Distance control system
A sensor is used to detect people in real-time, monitoring queues and identifying any large groups


Controlled access
This solution controls access, detects body temperature and identifies if an individual is wearing a mask


Monitors worn by employees allow businesses to ensure that a safe distance is kept within the workplace and can notifying individuals not adhering to the new measures. The solution can also help organisations map any contact with employees showing positive Covid-19 symptoms by tracking these notifications anonymously


For our customers

I am really proud to say Gardaland, one of the largest amusement parks in Italy, has chosen our IoT solutions to ensure the safety and protection of its employees.

Gardaland staff will wear a wearable device to guarantee enough physical distance is placed between them. The device will emit an increasingly loud alarm as the distance between two workers reduces below the safety threshold. The system will also anonymously record any alarm events to map and trace contacts, should anyone test positive for COVID-19, in full compliance with data protection legislation.

What next?

These solutions are just the first step towards the reopening of the country, but we are proud to be part of this journey, supporting our customers during this difficult time.

As more and more businesses get back on track, digitalisation strategies will play a key role. And we will keep working with our customers and the government to make sure they have what they need to turn the post-Covid new normal into a success.

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