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Taking voice to the next level

25 Jun 2019
Clive Goodwin

Clive Goodwin

Head of Voice, Vodafone Carrier Services

For decades Vodafone has been connecting people across the world, bringing people closer together and supporting businesses of all sizes – from sole traders to multi-national corporations.

In this time technology has evolved beyond anything we could have imagined. But one thing has remained constant: the importance of voice calls.

As technology around us continues to develop our expectations have risen. The once brilliant dial-up connection seems like a lifetime ago. Now, it’s unacceptable to wait longer than just a couple of seconds for a website, video or tweet to load.

It’s the same with voice calls. Bad connections and poor call quality are simply unacceptable to end users and persistent issues can damage – or even end – a relationship.

That’s why we’ve been working to make 100% of our network high definition (HD) enabled.

Following a multi-million-pound investment, we’re excited to announce that our next generation Intelligent Routing (IR) platform is HD ready to our customers and partners in 16 countries.

This means any Vodafone subscriber call to another Vodafone number outside home country will experience HD call quality, providing it’s supported by their handset.

For our partners this means they have the ability to terminate HD voice calls into Vodafone’s footprint, extending their HD Voice termination beyond their own markets.

Why are we so excited about HD voice?

The HD network uses a broader range of frequencies to match the range of pitch and tone in human speech. This, combined with background noise reduction, means speaking to a friend, colleague or loved one is as good as speaking to them in person, even in noisy locations.

This improvement in user experience is already paying dividends. Operators with this technology in place have experienced a rise in Mean Opinion Score up to 4.1.

Looking forward

Presently, approximately 30% of all calls were routed as end-to-end HD voice. This percentage will increase as more originating and terminating networks become HD enabled, continuing to have a positive impact on the Mean Opinion Score.

Just as waiting for a web page to load has become a rare occurrence, poor quality voice calls will become a problem of the past.

We’re excited about the possibilities as we continue to roll out HD ready services to over 500 million users across 26 countries.

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