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PON - the Dutch distributor of Porsche has launched the 'Share a Porsche' initiative


making the luxury of driving a Porsche available to more people than ever before.

News | April 2016

inbodyimage-M2M-PON - the Dutch distributor of Porsche

Share a Porsche makes it possible to share the car with two, three or four friends without having to actually purchase it. This is possible thanks to a private lease, in which each participant pays a fixed monthly fee based on a predetermined kilometre limit. Fuel is additional, but all fixed costs (maintenance / repair, road tax, insurance, etc.) are included.

The Share a Porsche initiative has been developed with Vodafone Automotive. This partnership makes the fun of driving a Porsche as open and accessible by making use of Vodafone’s Telematics solutions, including the telematics device, the M2M Connectivity, the telematics service and the applications that enable PON and its network of dealers/service partners to offer this car sharing concept its customers. The ‘Share a Porsche’ offer is available on the 911, Boxster, and Cayman. Vodafone Automotive designed this service on its digital platform and ensures a great customer experience via the easy to use mobile app.

The Chance to Drive Modern Porsche Models

The exact model types available will vary depending on the particular dealership. Once on site, a group of up to four people can pick the Porsche they want to drive, how long they want to share it for (12 or 24 months) and the kilometres they expect to travel. These factors will then be used to estimate a fixed monthly rate.

Trending towards the Future

The automotive industry is in the middle of a massive technological revolution. The IoT connected car is enabling manufacturers and service providers to move beyond traditional ownership and leasing toward new commercial models. In the new “car as a service” era, users have greater choice of how they buy, rent, share, and pool transportation services. "Share a Porsche" is a concrete example of this trend in the industry.

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