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In an ever-changing digital world, there is one thing that is present in every company today, just as it was years ago. It is the essence of any business and a key element that should not be ignored – Talking!

It is the lifeblood of every kind of business we do and is a key point a company should really care about. Talking connects us all, whether it is done by a salesman making a call over his mobile, a project team pulling together a key contact to answer a question, or call centres managing a customer's key support call about the whereabouts of their delivery. The underlying connectivity that allows us to talk to each other across different channels and through increasingly different types of media should be a key consideration for service providers today.

It’s interesting to look at the journey voice took during the past two decades. Let’s take Millennials as an example: they started contacting people via fixed landline numbers, their voice then went mobile with the added benefit of text messaging where it grew into data and websites, and it now lives in a world where almost any device they own can make and receive a phone call. Vodafone’s product offering had to change during the years to be able to embrace and offer these new services and terminals, and connectivity also had to move from isolated connections to multiple services.

In the future, with the help of Internet of Things, voice will continue to grow across devices with smart homes and cars and, with the introduction of 5G, we can also embrace the benefits of higher quality calls. As it stands today, voice is probably the best and at the same time the worst call experience you’ve ever had, but this will continue to change as the competition grows and new software tools are developed.

So, what can businesses do to improve voice services?

First off, choose a supplier that doesn’t just take into consideration what your Voice requirements are in your organization, but also doesn’t ignore where you have come from, what elements of your business you wish to keep, and what the right transition path for your business is. Secondly, you need more than basic connectivity or mobile voice only. Vodafone offers the largest global reach of fixed and mobile connectivity in the market, and it’s all focused on prioritising the critical applications of your business to ensure you always experience a seamless and efficient way of working.

Finally, choose a supplier that is able to offer the right portfolio of Unified Communications solutions that take your voice further. Vodafone is already an industry leader in this space, as well as in the world of Internet of Things, trialing 5G connections, and building and releasing the global platforms clients need for a seamless common experience for all media solutions that can support their business in the future.

As the world evolves into automated robots for data processing, online ordering, next-minute delivery of goods and services, and every type of human transport and wearable device known to man, there is one thing that we all continue to do – Talk! Make sure your company is ready to embrace business!

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