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Pioneering digital solutions in the transport industry

04 Apr 2022

Mátyás Dobó

Vodafone Business Unit Director, Vodafone Hungary

Some of the employees of logistics companies work in fixed locations in the head office, while others are constantly on the move, often thousands of kilometres away, for stretches of up to 20-25 days per month. 

During this time, freight bills, invoices and other documents pile up, which they can only submit to the head office for filing once they are back. This poses serious liquidity challenges and, given the heavy workload, increases the potential for human error, not to mention the environmental impact of paper-based operations. 

Going digital means that documentation can reach its destination quicker and more securely, minimising errors – but this is just the start.



Safer, greener and more efficient

Hungarian company, Waberer’s International, is Europe's largest transport companies. Working together with technology start-up instantCMR, we’ve been delivering an application called Workflow Management for a number of years.

The application offers a solution to the liquidity and sustainability challenges: its core functionality is the digitalisation of paper-based freight bills and the sending/receiving of other documents (related to accidents or labour issues), which can be channelled into the corporate management system to speed up workflows.

This integrated service allows drivers to take photos of invoices, freight bills and other documents wherever they are and upload them to the system for instant transmission to the head office.

Thanks to the solution, data are delivered to their destination in a fast and secure manner, and invoices can be settled within days rather than weeks.

This improves the company's liquidity, reduces the possibility of errors, and allows drivers to process paperwork with less human intervention and in a time-efficient fashion.


From Spring, the app will also offer solutions to other challenges the transportation industry is facing. Providing drivers with the information they need for their journeys, such as customer data, addresses, route maps, instructions and driving and rest time calculations.

Thanks to new developments, they will be able to keep track of all this using the Workflow Management app, which will be enhanced with features such as detailed trip data, route planning and navigation, closed chat, driving time and driving style monitoring.

As a result, drivers will need to use fewer devices, resulting in more focused attention; whilst monitoring driving habits reduces operating costs and the ecological footprint.

Driving time calculations decrease the number of accidents resulting from inattention or fatigue, and ensure businesses are adhering to regulation guidelines around how long drivers are on the road; while the closed chat function is more secure than a messaging app, reducing the chance of digital attacks.

A sustainable future

Monitoring travel habits also means the business can drive down operating costs and its environmental footprint. But there is more that can be done.

The logistics industry needs to move to an electric future and we’re passionate about helping them get there.


At Vodafone Business, we are constantly working to innovate and develop better solutions that can help optimise processes and build a more sustainable tomorrow.

Our project with instantCMR and Waberer’s is a perfect example of this. Working together, we’ve been able to introduce a user-friendly application that makes it easier and more transparent for Waberer’s and its workers to go about their daily tasks.

Providing instant information via one central platform means the business can make more informed decisions, reduce Co2 emissions, increase operation efficiency and facilitate communication amongst its employees.

Find out more about our work with Waberer and our fleet telematics applications. Or discover how we can help make your business more sustainable.

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