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Partnering with Proximie to deliver cutting edge healthcare technology solution

11 Jan 2022
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Mark Allinson

Business Development Director, Vodafone Business

Organisations across every sector have had to adapt and become more agile in the current uncertain and ever-changing business landscape, with many turning to technology to help them do it.

Nowhere has this been more evident than in healthcare. From IoT-based hospital buttons to cold-chain solutions in vaccine distribution, businesses in this industry have done whatever they can to improve patient experiences and reduce pressure on staff, infrastructure and the wider health ecosystem.

However, the impact of Covid-19 has resulted in a record number of patients now waiting to have hospital treatment following delayed surgery and cancelled operations.  This is against a backdrop of historic pressures faced by health systems, which have led us to question how we can do more.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that this year we’re formalising our relationship with Proximie, the health technology platform that is digitising operating rooms around the world as part of its mission to save lives by sharing the world’s best clinical practice.

A connected surgery solution

As part of our Centre for Health with Deloitte initiative, we’re working together to bring the innovative platform to more hospitals and people around the world.

Combining technologies such as 5G, IoT and Edge Computing with Proximie’s world-class connected surgical care software, healthcare experts will be able to virtually ’scrub-in’, record and interact with operating rooms across the world to help accelerate and improve workforce training and more efficient delivery of high quality surgical care, at scale.

The digital surgical solution will feature a global network of interconnected operating rooms attended by leading clinicians, where incisions are informed by artificial intelligence, and each clinician empowered with real-time diagnostics, data and analysis.

With this access, healthcare systems will be able to improve the quality and speed of workforce training and increase capacity through more efficient delivery of surgical services, improving access to the highest quality surgical care for patients - through real-time surgical collaboration, enhanced video-based training and data analytics.

These factors are important drivers if the healthcare industry is going to address the current surgical backlogs and improve overall patient care in the future.

Delivering at scale

To deliver the digital surgery solution at scale, fast, reliable network connectivity is essential.

Working with Proximie we will be capitalising on our industry leading network to accelerate the roll out of their solution alongside the wealth of technology experience we have in connecting over 20 million healthcare devices globally through IoT, AI, 5G and Edge Computing.

This will ensure many more hospitals across Vodafone’s global footprint can access the innovative connected surgical solution. And in so doing, we will support the transformation of the healthcare sector, improve patient outcomes and help to save lives.

Discover more about our Centre for Health with Deloitte

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