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No chance for thieves: The New Connected E-Bike from ZEG


In the news | August 2017

No chance for thieves: The New Connected E-Bike from ZEG

  • Intelligent: e-bikes from the premium brand Zemo are now connected by Vodafone Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Theft-proof: The smart bike gives an alarm as soon as it leaves a previously defined area
  • Track the perpetrator: Always locate your bike with the smartphone

Dusseldorf, 21.07. 2017 - Vodafone and ZEG are making bicycles intelligent – and in turn making the lives of thieves harder. Every day 910 bicycles are stolen in Germany. After shoplifting, this is the second most common case of theft.

Once the bike is stolen, the chances of finding it again are usually low. Not even one in ten thefts could be solved last year. The resulting damage is enormous: stolen bicycles cost insurers 120 million euros last year. Particularly annoying is the theft of expensive e-bikes. There are about 3 million e-bikes on German roads today. The e-bikes of the premium manufacturer Zemo are now equipped to prevent theft. They are now intelligent.

Using IoT connectivity they automatically send an alarm when they are stolen from an area determined by the owner.

This is made possible by a secure IoT SIM card that is fixed in the bicycle frame and a telematics app from Vodafone. Using the app, the owner can communicate with the bicycle at any time. Data analysis is carried out via Vodafone's central telematics server.

Vodafone and ZEG bring new e-bikes to the Internet of Things

"We connect Germany's roads. We connect cars, scooters and even bicycles. From A for Audi to Z for ZEG" says Vodafone Germany CEO Hannes Ametsreiter. "With the Internet of Things, we make roads safer. And we make life difficult for thieves. Because the Zemo e-bikes can send an automatic alarm when they are stolen" Ametsreiter continues.

Vodafone and ZEG already connect a total of 4,000 new e-bikes from the brand Zemo through the Internet of Things. "We are working hard to improve anti-theft installations in our bicycles and e-bikes. With Vodafone we have found a strong partner with whom we will achieve this goal. In addition, we want to work together on other digital solutions for short-distance mobility" said Georg Honkomp, CEO of ZEG.

A digital step ahead of thieves

Using Vodafone’s IoT network, the e-bikes exchange data with the owner around the clock. Through Vodafone’s mobile app, the owner can track the bicycle at any time. This helps to share the location with the police if the bike is stolen and to convict the perpetrator. Also finding your bike within numerous other bikes comes to an end.

If the driver parks the e-bike in cities where bicycles are particularly popular like Münster or Leipzig, the app navigates reliably from anywhere to the parking slot. To ensure that a potential thief does not get far, the e-bike automatically sends an alarm to the owner when it moves out of a previously defined area. The owner can inform the police immediately and increase the likelihood of convicting the perpetrator. In addition, the app allows the user to look at a variety of information, such as the course of the route, average speed, or calorie consumption. In this way the owner’s driving behaviour can be analysed in detail. Even friends or family members can use the e-bike. The owner can share the bike and app giving permission to others. For example, the owner can use the e-bike to go to work in the morning, their partner can use it for shopping during the day and put it back at the workplace where the owner can locate the bike in the evening, all using the app.

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