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Migrating PBXs to the cloud requires robust processes

Unified Communications requires smooth migration from legacy PBXs

Migrating Telephony from PBXs to the Cloud

It is clear that legacy PBXs are stopping businesses from providing employees with productivity tools that deliver new ways of working.
As businesses digitise and enable collaboration with webchat; texts; webforms; conferencing and document sharing, the old PBX in the basement becomes a liability, not an asset.

However, PBXs do contain significant amounts of data including users’ names; numbers’ locations and billing information. Manually migrating to a new system could introduce human error. What is needed is an automated system that can extract data from a single or multiple PBXs and move that data to the new environment.

Key attributes of a PBX Inventory manager are:

  1. Reduce time and workload in transition
  2. Enable cost saving by driving consolidation to a new cloud platform
  3. Enable future flexibility
  4. Provide customers with a platform that supports new collaboration tools
  5. Supports many legacy PBX vendors and models

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