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Keeping Extreme E race drivers safe in the remotest parts of the world with Vodafone and Proximie

01 Mar 2023
Amanda Jobbins

Amanda Jobbins

I always look forward to Mobile World Congress. The atmosphere here in the Fira is buzzing with technology innovation. The excitement continues to revolve around 5G, cloud and Mobile Edge Computing and Vodafone has launches, announcements and demos lined up to show what is possible when you harness the full potential of 5G.

We’re realising a future where anyone can set up a private network with a full 5G network running on Raspberry Pi in a 3D printed box.

Low latency mobile private networks (MPNs) are opening up a whole new world of applications, demonstrated by our incredible 5 generations of music in 5 minutes on 5G.

We’re also launching the Vodafone Edge Discovery API to help developers tap into the power of mobile edge computing.

The main attraction on our stand at Mobile World Congress is the Extreme E fully electric SUV. Drivers Laia Sanz and Christine Giampaoli Zonca will be on our stand on Monday and Tuesday this week.

Through our partnership with Extreme E, a radical electric off-road racing series, we’ve pushed the boundaries of what’s technically possible to help solve climate challenges impacting our world, and to bring this exciting remote racing series to a mass audience.

As part of Extreme E’s legacy programme, we helped set up a system using our IOT technology to monitor and detect wild fires at the smouldering phase to help combat the destruction of natural habitats in Sardinia.

We’ll be demonstrating how Extreme E used our MPN technology and Proximie’s digital surgery platform to facilitate real-time information exchange between race control, the medical centre and the on-track medical team. We tested this at the season 2 finale last November in Uruguay.

Extreme E Race Social Activation 2023

With a dedicated 5G NSA MPN and support from Nokia, medical experts were able to collaborate remotely with race officials and colleagues as if they were in the same room. This significantly improved the speed and effectiveness of medical interventions.

Emergency vehicles had 5G iPads where the video feed could be reviewed, and decisions actioned. Medical officers attending incidents out on the track used 5G-enabled, body-mounted handsets to stream live video back to the chief medical officer at race control.

Camera footage is captured and ingested into the Proximie medical collaboration tool so that video feeds can be delivered simultaneously to the field and race control. This has helped the onsite medical team to improve support for injured drivers, making the Extreme E series safer for all involved. 

At Vodafone, we believe that technology, combined with the human spirit, can create a sustainable, inclusive digital society for all. Extreme E has given us the opportunity to bring this vision to life. “Together, we can”.

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